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Property Sourcing and Acquisition

Equity On Repeat locates and acquires investment properties on your behalf. We perform market research to identify properties in potentially lucrative markets, negotiate purchase prices, and handle all aspects of the acquisition process. This helps you as on out of state investor have everything you need on one place.

Property Renovation and Preparation

Before an investor aquires a property, Equity On Repeat oversees necessary renovations, repairs, and improvements to ensure the property is in optimal condition for renting. This service helps investors avoid the hassle of managing construction or renovation projects from out of state.
We also hve developed relationships with builders across the US to bring the best opportunities in markets that you can grow and scale in.

Tenant Placement and Management

Equity On Repeat has partners that handle tenant-related tasks, including tenant screening, leasing agreements, and ongoing property management. We find suitable tenants, perform background checks, and manage day-to-day responsibilities like rent collection and maintenance, relieving investors of these responsibilities.

Ongoing Support and Reporting

Equity On Repeat offers support to keep investors informed about market trends and new opportunities to grow. This helps investors make informed decisions and stay updated on their investment's program.

Effortless Wealth Building

Effortless Wealth Building with passive real estate investing simplifies your journey to financial success. Through Equity On Repeat, you access fully managed properties in promising markets, freeing you from hands-on management. Expertly handled renovations, tenant placements, and ongoing maintenance ensure a steady stream of passive income. Experience wealth growth without the usual complexities – a stress-free approach to achieving your financial goals.

The Equity On Repeat Process

1. Speak with one of our expert advisors

2. Choose your Market & Select A property

3. We Guide You from Contract through closing

4. Leave the Property Mgmt & Support to Our Expert Partners!

The Passive Income Club
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  • Exclusive Training Opportunities from Industry Experts
  • EARLY Access to New Properties (for returning investors only)
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“I've been investing with Equity On Repeat for over two years now, and it's been an incredible journey. Their team handles everything – from finding the right properties in promising markets to managing tenants and maintenance. I'm able to enjoy the benefits of real estate investment without the stress. The consistent rental income has been a game-changer for my financial goals.”
Alex Martinez
“I've always wanted to invest in real estate, but the idea of dealing with renovations, tenants, and property management was overwhelming. Then I discovered Equity On Repeat. Their seamless approach took all the hassle out of investing. They found a property, renovated it beautifully, and even placed reliable tenants. It's truly hands-off investing at its best!”
Emily Turner
“I can't express how grateful I am for Equity On Repeat. As a first-time investor, their expertise and support have been invaluable. They walked me through the entire process, from selecting the right property to helping me understand market trends. Their transparent reporting keeps me informed, and I'm seeing consistent returns on my investment.”
Robert Walker

About Our Company

When it comes to long term capital conservation, a 1031 exchange is one of the most beneficial tax deferment options available to investors. We created a system to help investors easily identify a replacement property and execute an exchange through a private equity sponsor.

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